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I know I promised a recipe for fries to pair with the Mushroom Burger a while back… & I had this in my pile of “to share on blog” list long before the burger post, but I got lazy and distracted by other things.  So, here it is… the answer to your appetite for crispy fries, but a bit on the “healthier” side.  You can’t even tell it was baked!

Y’all know I love Pinterest.  & one of the reasons I keep going back on Pinterest is because of the easy access to recipes from blogs all over the world.  I actually found a Sweet Potato Fries recipe that I’ve found through Pinterest and incorporated her directions into what I had in my fridge… which were sweet yams (also known as Asian sweet potatoes or go-gu-ma in Korean).

My momma has been fighting cancer and fighting the temptation to sweets for months now.  Because cancer cells love and thrive through sugars, I’ve been slapping my momma’s hand whenever she reaches over for jellybeans, popsicles, etc.  So, once I presented these yumminess to her… she went goo-goo-ga-ga over them.  Just amazed at how sweet the natural sugars are!  Give the sweet yams a try and while you’re at it, use potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and pumpkins too!

Now, these are great sides to burgers and sandwiches… but these would be a crowd favorite amongst those who watch the Super Bowl.  If you’re like me, I’ll stay in the kitchen making yummy foods during the whole game and maybe take a peek during the half-time show.  Stay safe this weekend and whosever team prevails on Sunday, be merry with those around you… even if they are rooting for the wrong side.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

I love baking, but my love for cooking came first.  Growing up, my momma would cook so many yummy dishes… (no wonder I’m never motivated enough to lose excess weight, I blame my mom and her natural cooking skills).  Anyways, I love food because food has been good to me… & I have been enjoying cooking for other people because I love the response I get.  I feel like I’m the best there is at times… only certain times.

Well, before my brother went back to school for his winter quarter… I asked what he wanted to eat.  He wanted some homemade burgers.  The ones with thick beef patties, a slight hint of blood oozing out, & filled with only the necessities and none of the useless toppings.  I know there’s a lot of customizable burger joints out there, but we wanted our money’s worth.  My brother and I went to the market with $30 and we were able to get all the ingredients to make 8 burgers and other items he needed as well (dish wash soap, cup noodles, and potato chips).  All of that just under $30!  A-mazing!

[Original recipe from Pennies on a Platter]

If we had a grill, I’m sure it would’ve looked superb… but even without it, it was delicious!  My brother asked for seconds and I actually ended up eating another one as well.  This is totally worth a try and it’s budget friendly as well!


My momma will be going into surgery on Monday… please continue to pray for her and please keep her in your thoughts.  Thank you very much.  & God bless.

Whenever I read through other blogs… especially foodie blogs, I hesitate at times when they mention: “it’s to die for!”, “it’s crazy good!”, “can’t stop eating it!”, or “it’s a crowd pleaser!”.  I hesitate only because I’ve been disappointed many times.  & for sure, I was skeptical about this recipe when I first stumbled upon it on Styleberry.

Can this really be good?

Only 4 ingredients, 5 minutes in the oven… heck, does it matter?

It’s so easy~  Might as well try it.

I gathered what I needed last night and y’know what?  It is to die for!  It is crazy good!  I cannot stop eating it!  & most likely it will be a crowd pleaser… but I ate it all.  So, we’ll see about that next time.

For those whose new year’s resolutions were to eat healthier, this isn’t for you.  Maybe a bite will do?  Nope… after one bite, you’ll be hooked.  You’ll dream about it when you’re laying on your bed at night, you’ll think about it when you’re running in the morning, you’d remember how harmonious the toffee crack was once it touched your tongue…  you won’t be able to resist.  You will schedule your meals around this thing.  You will give yourself this treat after you finish cramming for an exam, being nice to your cranky boss, or even when you were stuck in traffic without a sight of road rage in you… this is it.  Sign your life over to this.  …Just joking.

With all kidding aside, I was very surprised with this thing.  I love saltine crackers… love it by itself or with apricot jam smeared on it.  Never did I think that my lovable saltines would evolve into toffee.  & y’know what?  Saltine crackers will be a staple ingredient in my pantry from now on.  You, sneaky-sneak!


My fairy godmother didn’t show last week, so I ended up doing all the work.  It turns out, I have 6 more recipes to share with y’all.  Stay tuned… a burger and fries will be the star on my next post… most likely tomorrow.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

Living in the heart of Los Angeles, I get to eat authentic ethnic foods everyday.  Some are hole-in-the-wall sort of places and some are widely popular with the foodies.  But even with the variety of options that I could choose from, sometimes I just want to stay home in my pj’s and eat in front of my television.

One of the few things that tastes good while watching a good movie or just dancing with Ellen Degeneres has got to be chips with dip.  I’ve found a killer recipe for a mean guacamole years back that I wanted to share with y’all, but the avocados were way too mushy.  But I didn’t give up and I immediately set my sights on some chunky salsa.  My momma actually has an awesome Vodka Salsa recipe that I will share in the near future, but I wanted to make something different from hers with a Tex-Mex twist.

It is so easy to make, the hardest part has got to be chopping almost every ingredient.

It’s so colorful & it tastes great as well!

I’ve recently made this for my church group and I’ve gotten many compliments from them.  Hope you get to try it as well!

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

Appetizer: set.  Entree: set.  Dessert: ………….crap.

You’re fighting time and don’t want to splurge on something last minute.  Just combine a box of cake mix and a 12 fl oz can/bottle of soda.  You don’t need water, oil, or eggs!  How easy is that?  & there are different flavor combination to play with!

Just mix both ingredients together.  Pour into cupcake liners or paper souffle cups (ones I’ve used) and bake as instructed.

& to make it just a little bit cuter, decorate with a can of frosting and chocolate chips!

As mentioned before there are different flavor combination:

  • Funfetti cake mix & 12 oz Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist (the batter turns into a pretty pink color!)
  • Lemon cake mix & 20 oz Diet 7-up (supposedly the whole cake topped with a tub of light cool whip is only 19 weight watcher points & a single piece is only 1.5 weight watcher points.)

And other 2-ingredient cake combination:

  • Yellow cake mix & 1 cup no-sugar-added applesauce (Sweet and fruity.)
  • Spice cake mix & 15 oz can canned pure pumpkin (Tastes like pumpkin bread.)
  • Yellow cake mix & 1 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute (Pound cake-like texture.)
  • Devil’s food cake mix & 1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt (Brownie-cake hybrid.)

Have fun and try these out!

Thank you very much.  & God bless.


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