I know I promised a recipe for fries to pair with the Mushroom Burger a while back… & I had this in my pile of “to share on blog” list long before the burger post, but I got lazy and distracted by other things.  So, here it is… the answer to your appetite for crispy fries, but a bit on the “healthier” side.  You can’t even tell it was baked!

Y’all know I love Pinterest.  & one of the reasons I keep going back on Pinterest is because of the easy access to recipes from blogs all over the world.  I actually found a Sweet Potato Fries recipe that I’ve found through Pinterest and incorporated her directions into what I had in my fridge… which were sweet yams (also known as Asian sweet potatoes or go-gu-ma in Korean).

My momma has been fighting cancer and fighting the temptation to sweets for months now.  Because cancer cells love and thrive through sugars, I’ve been slapping my momma’s hand whenever she reaches over for jellybeans, popsicles, etc.  So, once I presented these yumminess to her… she went goo-goo-ga-ga over them.  Just amazed at how sweet the natural sugars are!  Give the sweet yams a try and while you’re at it, use potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and pumpkins too!

Now, these are great sides to burgers and sandwiches… but these would be a crowd favorite amongst those who watch the Super Bowl.  If you’re like me, I’ll stay in the kitchen making yummy foods during the whole game and maybe take a peek during the half-time show.  Stay safe this weekend and whosever team prevails on Sunday, be merry with those around you… even if they are rooting for the wrong side.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

As a female, I know how complex we are.

What we say and what we actually feel is totally different… and some girls are good at hiding that fact and some aren’t.  Girls can stop talking to a person ’til the end of time, but they can still talk about the person to other people.  weird.

I’ve been noticing a lot of these type of girls lately.  Cold shoulders here and there… I have no idea why.  (aren’t girls stereotypically known to want clear communication for both parties?)  If you’re mad about something, talk to me… not about me.  Girls I’m up against don’t hear out for explanations, but they just jump to the conclusions.  weird.

You may think you’re a force to be reckoned with, just because you may have a “crew” of people by your side… But you better watch out. (Those same type of people have switched sides so many times.) It’s not you there sides with… they just don’t have the courage/energy to stand against you.  That’s the type of girl you are.  You play the victim by bashing other people.  congrats, mission accomplished.  you’re definitely cool.

Now, no matter what… whether I decide to confront you or ignore you, you’ll continue to be the type of person you are.  that’s weird…

So, my solution: if I do see you… and maybe work with you, I’m going to be the nicest person I could ever be.  Not because I’m raising up a white flag of surrender to your mean-ness, but because my Father told me to:  “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” (Matthew 7:12).  & something from the streets: “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

I may have been the type of girl you are right now, but staying mean is way to low for a girl with high standards to be in.  I would rather work hard to be nice to someone like you than to give out my signature death glares… y’know, the ones you’ve been receiving for couple weeks now.  With the combination of fake hugs and kisses.  weird, I know…

& if you happen to stumble upon this post, just let me know what has been bugging you.  Then, maybe we can fix this relationship.  See you soon.


In other news, people have been so kind to let me know how much of an improvement this blog has been going through.  & also letting me know that they’ve tried some of these recipes.  Please do let me know if you get to make any of these… I love hearing your feedback and honestly, those feedbacks are what makes me grow as a newbie food-blogger.  You don’t necessarily have to comment on this blog, but facebook/text/message me if you can.  Thank you very much.  & God bless.

I am currently sitting inside my momma’s hospital room… in the dark… on a chair… just swiping these words onto this new blog post.

It may sound like I am a hater or that I am calling certain people out, but truly I am thankful for all the love and concern y’all have showed our family today.  Just keep these in mind for next time you are faced with a similar situation.

First and foremost…
The surgery seems like it was a success.  Will know further info… such as pathology results & future plans for recovery by Wednesday. (Hopefully.)  But overall, our doctor has assured us that everything seems fine… for now.

But the main reason I started this post was to give some helpful tips & information regarding visiting patients.  Many people are uncertain how to go about this delicate step in trying to be a good  support system, but trying not to step on any toes during it.

Tip #1: be a visitor with some 눈치’s.  What I mean by that is… don’t come early in the morning just to ktfo (Knock The “Freak” Out) .  You are coming as a support beam… to be strong for the loved ones.  Can’t handle the sleepiness, just stay in your bed.  AND be aware of your surroundings.  You and your visiting pals did not rent the whole hospital out, so please be considerate of other patients.  That means… inner voice. Ka-peesh?.

Tip #2: don’t text/message one after the other.  Patients or loved ones can’t possibly reply during that chaos. (Especially multiple texts.)  If you must text or send a message, just do it once without a question at the end.  The best thing and the most thoughtful way is… is to send an E-mail. This is something patients or loved ones could reply to once they are in the groove of things.  And it is more personal and in-depth.  (Even when they try to reply back to you.)

Tip #3: hospital rooms do not have group discounts.  Please do not bring every person with you… such as your second-cousin, next door neighbor, your dog walker, your produce provider… you get the point.  And if you know that other people will be visiting, please come at a separate time/day.  The patient needs a lot of bed rest, but if you and your perfect dozen hover over the patient’s bed and keep asking questions and talk about a friend of a friend’s similar surgery, you’re actually doing more harm than any good.  This is when 눈치 comes in again… 15minute maximum visit. Obey!  Don’t over stay your welcome.

Tip #4: I love kids.  They are funny and adorable.  They make you laugh… which is good for a recovering patient.  But they surely drain you.  Please do not go over the maximum 15minute visit with your children.

Tip #5: with medical dramas, webMD, college courses, or past experiences as part of our lives… most of us have declared ourself as medical experts.  News flash: doesn’t matter what you think and “know”.  If you weren’t in that operation room and if you don’t check up on the patient’s status every 2-3hours. You don’t have the right to pull the patient’s family member aside to tell them your opinion on how things should be done. There’s a team of capable surgeons, doctors, nurses, and technicians at the patient’s fingertips… you be you, nothing more nothing less.


This sounds a bit like I’m venting… I probably am.  But these are surely to be helpful.  Just being the patient’s guardian has made me very protective of her.  & stressed out.

Want to thank all of you who came out to the hospital, for the many texts and messages sent, and for all the constant prayer & love y’all have sent our way.  Thank you very much.  & God bless.

I love baking, but my love for cooking came first.  Growing up, my momma would cook so many yummy dishes… (no wonder I’m never motivated enough to lose excess weight, I blame my mom and her natural cooking skills).  Anyways, I love food because food has been good to me… & I have been enjoying cooking for other people because I love the response I get.  I feel like I’m the best there is at times… only certain times.

Well, before my brother went back to school for his winter quarter… I asked what he wanted to eat.  He wanted some homemade burgers.  The ones with thick beef patties, a slight hint of blood oozing out, & filled with only the necessities and none of the useless toppings.  I know there’s a lot of customizable burger joints out there, but we wanted our money’s worth.  My brother and I went to the market with $30 and we were able to get all the ingredients to make 8 burgers and other items he needed as well (dish wash soap, cup noodles, and potato chips).  All of that just under $30!  A-mazing!

[Original recipe from Pennies on a Platter]

If we had a grill, I’m sure it would’ve looked superb… but even without it, it was delicious!  My brother asked for seconds and I actually ended up eating another one as well.  This is totally worth a try and it’s budget friendly as well!


My momma will be going into surgery on Monday… please continue to pray for her and please keep her in your thoughts.  Thank you very much.  & God bless.

Whenever I read through other blogs… especially foodie blogs, I hesitate at times when they mention: “it’s to die for!”, “it’s crazy good!”, “can’t stop eating it!”, or “it’s a crowd pleaser!”.  I hesitate only because I’ve been disappointed many times.  & for sure, I was skeptical about this recipe when I first stumbled upon it on Styleberry.

Can this really be good?

Only 4 ingredients, 5 minutes in the oven… heck, does it matter?

It’s so easy~  Might as well try it.

I gathered what I needed last night and y’know what?  It is to die for!  It is crazy good!  I cannot stop eating it!  & most likely it will be a crowd pleaser… but I ate it all.  So, we’ll see about that next time.

For those whose new year’s resolutions were to eat healthier, this isn’t for you.  Maybe a bite will do?  Nope… after one bite, you’ll be hooked.  You’ll dream about it when you’re laying on your bed at night, you’ll think about it when you’re running in the morning, you’d remember how harmonious the toffee crack was once it touched your tongue…  you won’t be able to resist.  You will schedule your meals around this thing.  You will give yourself this treat after you finish cramming for an exam, being nice to your cranky boss, or even when you were stuck in traffic without a sight of road rage in you… this is it.  Sign your life over to this.  …Just joking.

With all kidding aside, I was very surprised with this thing.  I love saltine crackers… love it by itself or with apricot jam smeared on it.  Never did I think that my lovable saltines would evolve into toffee.  & y’know what?  Saltine crackers will be a staple ingredient in my pantry from now on.  You, sneaky-sneak!


My fairy godmother didn’t show last week, so I ended up doing all the work.  It turns out, I have 6 more recipes to share with y’all.  Stay tuned… a burger and fries will be the star on my next post… most likely tomorrow.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

It’s the new year and a whole lot of holidays, birthdays, seasons, parties, movie nights, dates, picnics, beach days, road trips to cook and bake for… I’ve come up with a list of things I want to cook/bake in the year 2012.  I’ll probably keep updating this list throughout this year and crossing items that I share with y’all, but for now… here is a rough draft of what my kitchen is up against.

  1. unique flavored macaron
  2. angel food cake
  3. bundt cake
  4. quiche
  5. fruit tart
  6. classic cheesecake
  7. brioche
  8. popover
  9. french bread
  10. whoopie pie
  11. chicken pot pie
  12. gratin
  13. baked kale chips
  14. oven baked donuts
  15. eggplant parmesan
  16. homemade ice cream
  17. quinoa salad
  18. risotto
  19. homemade vanilla extract
  20. lemon, lemon cake
  21. monkey bread
  22. panna cotta
  23. fruit cake
  24. rhubarb pie
  25. …to be continued…

& there’s also unique ingredients that are trends amongst the bloggers that I want to use as well… oh, how it’s silly to put a trend on food… but it happens.  I hope at least half of these will be crossed out by the end of 2012.  Happy new year everyone!

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

This week’s pins falls under the category: Disney.


1. Messing with our heads at a young age…  how is that a “D”?  …totally a “G”.


2. If they were to redo the princesses, it’ll look more like this.  A bit more fashion forward.  But Snow White’s outfit looks a bit like Wonder Woman’s.  hmmmm…


3. & this one is a bit cute AND creepy at the same time.  I’m picturing some sort of voodoo doll…


4. The UPSIDE of Disney movies…


5. The DOWNSIDE of Disney movies…


6. I think this picture is photoshop’d, but this is too hilarious to not share.  UP!


7.  Seriously?  Sid is the garbage guy?   Why didn’t anyone point this out for me!  Had to find out through this picture on pinterest!


I know I promised recipe posts up in here… & I really do have ’em.  Have about 5 separate posts to put up.  Already uploaded the pictures onto my drive, but I’m just dreading my time on photoshop.  I always change my mind on the colors, the fonts, the brightness, the order…  I guess I’m just waiting for my fairy godmother to make it work for me.  Hopefully she comes knocking at my doorstep by the end of this week.  G’day.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.


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