Couple years ago, my momma and I were shopping at Whole Foods… & we came to a stop at the bread corner and my momma immediately picked up a package of corn bread.  I’ve always referenced corn bread as a Southern comfort food that pairs with some really great chili.  Never did I think that my 100% Korean momma would love corn bread.  She dislikes many non-Korean dishes… or she usually needs a little dose of kimchi after an experience with new cuisines.  So, for my momma to be excited about corn bread was a surprise.

I asked her how the heck she knows about corn bread… and why she likes it.  She told me that when she was growing up in Korea (years after the Korean war), American soldiers who were still stationed in Korea gave out corn breads to children.  She remembers the gritty cornmeal in the bread and how dry it was.  My momma told me that corn bread is one the things she can’t forget.  & she clearly pointed out that Whole Foods corn bread was way too over-priced.  So, knowing me… I went on the look-out for a corn bread recipe.

I was looking for some-what of a moist and semi-sweet corn bread… way different from a true Southern corn bread.  (Southern corn bread recipes do not add sugar what-so-ever and it’s usually baked in a skillet.)  I’ve found a recipe that looked promising and let my momma and all her brothers (my uncles) try it out.  They loved the corn bread, but they immediately pointed out that it needed more cornmeal!  So, I adjusted the recipe and even made it in a muffin pan for portion control.  Now, it’s a family favorite!  Enjoy~

Thank you very much. & God bless.