In preparation for my niece’s first birthday, I asked her mother what flavor cupcakes I should make for the party.  She immediately responded with “Chocolates!”.  Now, who doesn’t love a great chocolate cupcake… but I knew for sure that a chocolate cupcake would hide away the pretty designs on the cupcake liners.  & of course, the mother wanted pink everywhere~  So, a lighter cupcake base was more ideal than a darker one.

My mom suggested making a white chocolate cupcake so that everyone would be happy and I thought a natural pink frosting was the way to go.  I experimented with the recipes and finally came up with this!

While the cupcakes were cooling, I’ve noticed that the cupcakes were a bit dense than a normal cupcake, so I thought I should try filling the cupcakes with raspberry filling.  Make sure to chill the raspberry filling before filling the cupcakes with it.


Once the cupcakes are filled, it’s time to make the frosting!

Since the cupcakes were to be enjoyed in such a special occasion, I thought it was ideal to to use a special technique I learned online to frost the cupcakes!  They look like mums!  YUM!  c:

Now, they are perfect the way it is… but my little niece is such a princess.  I had to top it off with the princess toppers!  (the cupcake liners & the the princess toppers were a set at Sur La Table.)

My cousin and his wife are real simple people.  They didn’t want a whole shabang at a banquet hall or any restaurant like most Koreans.  & they surely didn’t want their second child(Kailyn)’s 1st birthday to outshine their first child(Eileen)’s 1st birthday, so we held it at their humble home… with only family and couple friends.  It took me 4 hours to decorate and set up the table.  Don’t know why it took so long in such a small area to decorate, but it did.  The streamers in the back probably took the longest.  But I’m glad my cousin, his wife, and both of his daughters (Eileen&Kailyn) loved it.  & the cupcakes were a great success!  Will definitely make these again~

Happy Birthday Kailyn!

Thank you very much.  & God bless.