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Have you ever felt a sense of warmth and comfort after eating something?  Maybe after eating a pie that reminded you of your grandmother or that warm cocoa that takes you back in time to your youthful years…  Well, I rarely get those moments but after one bite from this shortbread, time stood still and I was a little girl again.  I don’t think I’ve ever had pineapple shortbread, but the hint of spices truly took me back.

It’s been a while for me and my cousin, Sally, to be baking together.  She’s been busy with school, so I haven’t been able to go over to her house for our weekly bake-a-thon.  About a week ago, she texted me if I was down to making something new.  She’s been craving shortbread and I was in need for a new entry for this blog.  I was searching for more of a fruity shortbread instead of the plain one and ended up with a recipe for PEACH shortbread.  (You got that right.  Peach.  Not Pineapple.  How did I end up with Pineapple, you ask?  Peaches were extinct at my local market so I ended up substituting them for fresh pineapples.  & boy~ it was scrumptious!  Didn’t miss the peaches.  At all.)

This was so easy to make… didn’t even have to wait for the butter to get to room temperature.  The hardest part was to wait patiently for the shortbread to cool down after it was perfectly baked in the oven.  I dare you to sit next to the baking dish with no temptation to slice it before it’s ready to be eaten.  Go ahead… try fighting your instincts.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.


About a year ago… my cousin, Sally, moved into a new condo close to my apartment.  The first thing my cousin and I looked at was this perfect new oven in a perfect kitchen.  And as we were waiting for the movers to come, we talked and talked about what we could make… and one of the first thing in mind was a perfect brownie.  A chewy, chocolatey-rich brownie that would perfectly pair off with a bowl of vanilla ice cream.

The first time we made this brownie, we cut into 9 big squares and immediately doubled our bowl of ice cream into a tub of ice cream.  Each square over-powered our taste buds with deep chocolate flavors and sweet goodness, all we could slur out was: 오~달ㄹㄹㄹ아ㅏㅏㅏ~ (oh~darrrahhhh~; meaning:oh~ sweet~)  Although the brownie was perfect in every way, it was to be enjoyed in bite size portions.  To this day whenever we crave a brownie, we simply look at each other and slur out 오~달ㄹㄹㄹ아ㅏㅏㅏ~.

Do not disregard this recipe because it sounds too sweet for comfort.  I’ve shared these brownies with many people and ALL have kindly responded with great reviews.  Some have even said it is the best brownie they have ever tasted.  So, do not fret and g’luck!

Thank you very much. & God bless.