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I know I promised a recipe for fries to pair with the Mushroom Burger a while back… & I had this in my pile of “to share on blog” list long before the burger post, but I got lazy and distracted by other things.  So, here it is… the answer to your appetite for crispy fries, but a bit on the “healthier” side.  You can’t even tell it was baked!

Y’all know I love Pinterest.  & one of the reasons I keep going back on Pinterest is because of the easy access to recipes from blogs all over the world.  I actually found a Sweet Potato Fries recipe that I’ve found through Pinterest and incorporated her directions into what I had in my fridge… which were sweet yams (also known as Asian sweet potatoes or go-gu-ma in Korean).

My momma has been fighting cancer and fighting the temptation to sweets for months now.  Because cancer cells love and thrive through sugars, I’ve been slapping my momma’s hand whenever she reaches over for jellybeans, popsicles, etc.  So, once I presented these yumminess to her… she went goo-goo-ga-ga over them.  Just amazed at how sweet the natural sugars are!  Give the sweet yams a try and while you’re at it, use potatoes, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and pumpkins too!

Now, these are great sides to burgers and sandwiches… but these would be a crowd favorite amongst those who watch the Super Bowl.  If you’re like me, I’ll stay in the kitchen making yummy foods during the whole game and maybe take a peek during the half-time show.  Stay safe this weekend and whosever team prevails on Sunday, be merry with those around you… even if they are rooting for the wrong side.

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

I love baking, but my love for cooking came first.  Growing up, my momma would cook so many yummy dishes… (no wonder I’m never motivated enough to lose excess weight, I blame my mom and her natural cooking skills).  Anyways, I love food because food has been good to me… & I have been enjoying cooking for other people because I love the response I get.  I feel like I’m the best there is at times… only certain times.

Well, before my brother went back to school for his winter quarter… I asked what he wanted to eat.  He wanted some homemade burgers.  The ones with thick beef patties, a slight hint of blood oozing out, & filled with only the necessities and none of the useless toppings.  I know there’s a lot of customizable burger joints out there, but we wanted our money’s worth.  My brother and I went to the market with $30 and we were able to get all the ingredients to make 8 burgers and other items he needed as well (dish wash soap, cup noodles, and potato chips).  All of that just under $30!  A-mazing!

[Original recipe from Pennies on a Platter]

If we had a grill, I’m sure it would’ve looked superb… but even without it, it was delicious!  My brother asked for seconds and I actually ended up eating another one as well.  This is totally worth a try and it’s budget friendly as well!


My momma will be going into surgery on Monday… please continue to pray for her and please keep her in your thoughts.  Thank you very much.  & God bless.

For those who have been praying for my momma for the past 2 months… here’s an update:

The second round of mammogram results came out inconclusive as well.  It’s mind-boggling for both my mother and her physician.  I mean, if you were to examine her right chest area… you would instantly feel the lump.  It’s not like it goes away and comes back when she’s stressed.  It’s always there.  Mocking you.  My momma even told me the lump has gotten even bigger!  Now, it’s just pissing me off.  How can something so real & prominent not turn up on the mammography results?

Screw technology!

Instead of making another iPhone/iPad, apple should come up with a machine that could examine your body and tell you if you got fat/tissue build-up, tumor, or whatever it is that causes a lump… none of that “I’m not quite sure what that may be.  Come back again when it gets bigger and you’re even more stressed out.”.  Heck no!  (Regarding health, you gots to be blunt/straight&narrow/to-the-point with me.  ‘Cause if you’re not getting that kind of answer, what’s the point?)  & y’know what?  If apple made such a machine, wouldn’t you get tested every 6 months they come out with a new model?  I would.

Well, back to the point of this entry…

So, I took my momma to another hospital today to get tested AGAIN.  First, mammogram and then an ultrasound…  & guess what!?!!!!!  IN-CON-CLU-SIVE!-x2!  Who the freak said to do-a-self-breast-examination-&-come-get-tested-because-the-earlier-you-find-it-the-better… is a moron.  My momma found it, & none of y’all can guess what it is.  (I personally know some people in & pursuing the medical field… so sorry if what I write offends you.  Totally not mad at you.  & definitely not blaming you.)  What’s the point in finding the lump 2 months ago or finding it tonight.  You’re going to say the same thing: “beats me”.  & I know~  USUALLY the answers are all there after the first test, but life isn’t usual ALL the time!  or…is it?

Anyways… my momma met her fellow church member at the hospital (I think she was a radiologist) and she told my momma to get a biopsy.  I’ve gotten a biopsy before.  Nothing straight&narrow there as well.  But gotta have faith that we’ll get some sort of answer.  So, next round: BIOPSY.  Stay tuned.  오우-주여!

Thank you so much for all the prayers and concerns… truly means a lot.  It really does brighten up my momma when I tell her my fellow Podowons have been praying for her and she’s always excited to get verses from you guys as well!  Keep them coming!

Thank you very much!  & God bless.


It was about 10-15 years ago that I’ve first tasted a white chocolate, macadamia nut cookie.  It was one of those weekends when my momma decided to take me shopping.  We were both at a shopping high from buying beautiful clothes for a great price, so we decided to take a break with some cookies and hot cocoa (and coffee for my momma).  Never saw a cookie with white chocolate and macadamia nut in it… always thought you could only get macadamia nuts when a friend or family member comes back from Hawaii.

At my first bite, I was an instant fan.  Melted chocolate, crunchy nut, chewy insides… and they were bite-sized!  My fingers reached for the bag as soon as I put one in my mouth and in matter of seconds, they were gone.  That is the day I swore that someday I’ll make limitless batches of these cookies so that I would never be disappointed in an empty cookie bag.  And only a year ago did I even try to mimic the perfect white chocolate, macadamia nut cookie in my kitchen.  This is so easy to make, I don’t know why it took me so long to even try.  Tastes just the way I remembered it… chocolatey, crunchy, and chewy.  Yum!


I’ve been in a really good mood this week ever since I got the mail from the Ellen Degeneres Show!  Can’t wait to go and see her!  & dance!  & laugh!  Will do a full recap of my experience after it airs!

Thank you very much.  & God bless.

Couple years ago, my momma and I were shopping at Whole Foods… & we came to a stop at the bread corner and my momma immediately picked up a package of corn bread.  I’ve always referenced corn bread as a Southern comfort food that pairs with some really great chili.  Never did I think that my 100% Korean momma would love corn bread.  She dislikes many non-Korean dishes… or she usually needs a little dose of kimchi after an experience with new cuisines.  So, for my momma to be excited about corn bread was a surprise.

I asked her how the heck she knows about corn bread… and why she likes it.  She told me that when she was growing up in Korea (years after the Korean war), American soldiers who were still stationed in Korea gave out corn breads to children.  She remembers the gritty cornmeal in the bread and how dry it was.  My momma told me that corn bread is one the things she can’t forget.  & she clearly pointed out that Whole Foods corn bread was way too over-priced.  So, knowing me… I went on the look-out for a corn bread recipe.

I was looking for some-what of a moist and semi-sweet corn bread… way different from a true Southern corn bread.  (Southern corn bread recipes do not add sugar what-so-ever and it’s usually baked in a skillet.)  I’ve found a recipe that looked promising and let my momma and all her brothers (my uncles) try it out.  They loved the corn bread, but they immediately pointed out that it needed more cornmeal!  So, I adjusted the recipe and even made it in a muffin pan for portion control.  Now, it’s a family favorite!  Enjoy~

Thank you very much. & God bless.

I’ve been wanting to write…

but somethings been on my mind.


2 weeks ago, my mother found a lump in her chest area.  I couldn’t ignore her scared face, stuttering lips, and teary eyes.  & I couldn’t ignore the thoughts that was running through my head… all the what-if’s.

She’s gotten two mammograms since the scare and the first results came out inconclusive.  We’re waiting on the the second one and we’re hoping & praying that it is just fat or tissue build-up.

I’ve been so ignorant in thinking this could never happen to our family… and yet.

During this chaos within our family, it was comforting to know that my church family was there to give words of encouragement and constant prayer.  The scripture verses they’ve shared with me has been a great reminder for our family; random texts asking how my mother was doing has let me know that people care and also shows that love does exist through minimal actions.

But it has also caused me to think about those who don’t believe in religion.  How do they comfort their loved ones when there is a health scare?  Do they say, “It is what it is.”?  “Their time has come”?  What do they offer?


I promise to update with many more recipes, I just ask that you keep my mom in your prayers.  Thank you very much. & God bless.


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